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Manimala has been fortunate to be the birth place of Cardinal Antony Padiyara, the first Major Arch Bishop of Sero Malabar Catholic Church. He died on 23rd March 2000 at the age of 80.

Retd I.G. Mr M.K. Joseph and Late K.J. Chacko one of the freedom fighters hail from Manimala.

 Here live highly literate and peace loving people. They are hardworking and love to toil in their little owned lands for living. Most of them have their own little land of rubber plantations tapping the rubber trees themselves using specially designed knives .

 The major annual event in Manimala is the famous "Manimala Palli Perunnal" celebrated from January 1st to 7th . This feast is celebrated in veneration of Holy Mages- the three wise men who trekked on camel backs to Bethlehem to worship the newborn Jesus trailing the star. The main feast is celebration 6th January while on 7th it is "Parish feast:"

 People from near and far flock to this church regardless of cast or religion during this season. Families migrated to other parts of Kerala return to their relations or old neighbours here to pay their respect to the "Three Kings" who, they believe protect and deliver in their spiritual and worldly needs.

 Manimalites outside Kerala spend this festive season with fond memories of yesteryears.


C.C.M. High School Karikkattoor

CMI Monastery at Karikkattoor

Convent of Carmelites

Little Flower UP School

Manimala Bridge

Manimala Old Church of Holy Mages

Manimala River

Middle School and Convent at Kunnakulam

Ponthenpuzha Forest

S.H. Church and School at Karimpanakkulam

St Basils’ Church (New Church)

St Georges’ High School

St Sebastians’ Church Vallamchira





 Manimala Government Hospital- Karikkattoor.

 This is oldest medical centre serving the general population. The facilities in this hospital remain unchanged and undeveloped for several decades.

 Manimala Panchayat

Office is situated in Karikkattoor, 3 kms from Manimala Junction, enroute Ranni/Erumeli

President :  Babychen Mulangasseril

 Manimala Weeklymarket: Every Monday this market opens for the villagers to sell their produce and procure weekly provisions and vegetables etc.

 Manimala Village Office: Located adjacent to the Panchayat Office.