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"Thank-you mom for giving me hope, encouragement and love.
You are the angel God sent to protect me and teach me about Him.
May God always bless your loving heart and may your love touch the lives of many more."
A mother and child's love is like none other
It's a special connection they share together
A covenant that God has created between the two
One that is in every way sacred and true
The connection begins when a child is created
When man and woman have united in God's love and mated
The Lord immediately grants this child of love a soul
And mother and child through two entities become one and whole
This is the beginning of that special bond of love
Which should be kept holy because it is blessed from above
A mother's love is one that is beautiful and pure
Her sweet kiss is illness' best cure
She's there to wipe the tears and turn a frown
To read a good book and turn the lights down
She is there to reward for all the successes
But also always around to clean up the messes
She offers hugs of comfort and kisses skinned knees
When her child's heart is broken only she sees
She gives us hope and instills within us faith
She leaves the porch light on when we come home late
She sits up with us as we finish up school work
She checks under the bed and closet where monsters might lurk
Tears of joy stream her face as we receive our college degree
After all without her encouragement and help where would we be
As we find the love of our life and get married
She remembers the child she brought into this world and carried
Although it's hard to let go of that child of her heart
She realizes that it's time for them to part
But her connection with the child keeps them together
And God's blessings will keep their bond sacred forever
Because one day that daughter will become a mother
And will continue to cherish that child God gave her
By: Chryselle Nazare
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